TheyDream story

TheyDream is a jewelry brand whose products are designed and handmade at the highest level in Israel.

When I design a piece of jewelry, I do so while imagining its purpose as an item that adorns us, through which I can express myself. I dream of a piece of jewelry that gives energy, value and meaning to the person wearing it.

The great significance of Jewelry throughout history in different cultures is the inspiration that accompanies us in the design and production process, while trying to combine traditional techniques with modern ones.

The jewelry are made of 925 sterling silver, silver plated with 24k gold, 14k/18k gold, precious stones and diamonds.

all metals are recycled and all gems are natural.

Some of the jewellery are in stock, and some are made to order with uncompromising attention to every detail.

Theydream is a sustainable brand that strives to address the environment and the consequences arising from the production processes at every stage, out of genuine concern for the environment in which we live.

All the pieces are handmade out of respect and appreciation for the profession of jewelry making and out of a desire to continue to support professions that, unfortunately, are disappearing from the world.



Osnat Ambar owner and designer